Life in the…. lane. Thursday, Feb 20 2014 

trafficThis morning as I was traveling to work I was “cut” off.

So I get off of Eagle Road NB, turning east on to Franklin Road. This car behind me does the same thing. Ok. Sure. Not an issue.

The car decides to accelerate and change lanes in front of me. The car then decelerates to below the posted speed limit by something like 10 mph. Which means about 25 mph. So I’m thinkin’ to myself: “Aw, crud! I’m gonna’ be late! Move your butt, dude!”

ISP truck

As we continued down the road toward the Cloverdale/Franklin intersection, I looked in to the burgeoning dawn and ahead and to the far right I see: Mr. Idaho State Police or Boise Police. I had recently been the recipient of an exceeding the limit citation, so I was totally grateful and swallowed my resentment at someone who was slower getting in front of me. Something in my mind said “You should say thank you to Heavenly Father for sending someone who helped you avoid a citation and a tardy at work”.

Ain’t the Spirit grand and wonderful?




I haz been claimed Thursday, Jan 9 2014 

Apparently there is this great gal that has claimed me. She is very pretty, talented, busy, and strong-willed. Her depth and scope of thought are quite buried by her beauty, which she has both inside and out.

She told me that on our first date that she did not like me… and then I made her laugh. She has a laugh that is unabashedly full and honest. She loves to laugh as much as possible.

She is just so…. so hard to sum up and describe in words. She has a huge testimony of the Gospel of Christ and of God the Father. She is such a huge cheerleader for people. She sees the good in all and is rapid to let it be known.


She has passion and fire, which can only be bridled by chocolate on occasion. Chocolate is an effective mood stabilizer for her as are flowers and little piggy-related items.

She is a music aficionado and absolutely adores it when she is sent a link from YouTube and other music sites. She LOVES to sing and in to contemporary music and the classics as well. She is even a budding tech and mild gamer.

Other than her zest for life and the Gospel is her want of a real, honest-to-goodness relationship intense. She is honest to a fault. She is prepared to tell you how it is and back it up and yet she can do it wit such love in her heart that you can see it spilling out of her eyes like the cataract that is Angel Falls.

She loves her three kiddos so much that she loves their guts. When they are good and behaving like the humans as they were created they are total awesome sauce. When they are not, they can be simply little mischievous monkeys right on up to outright demon-spawn meanie-poopy heads .. well… not quite that bad but quite hard to deal with and understand why they are acting that way due to the high-pitched squeal that passes as a voice when they are upset that can be understood only by the creatures of the night that everybody dislikes that are bats.

Oh. My. Gosh. Sunday, Sep 8 2013 

This really is gonna make my day one fun ouch of a day. Put in a garbage disposal for my girlfriend and found out she needed to have her dishwasher serviced. Check that… REPLACED. Quite the interesting day.

Then there was the revelation that the boy’s room was not wired correctly. Found this out when we tried to fix a fan and replace it with a simple fixture.

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New development Thursday, Sep 5 2013 


This is the newest, neatest, bestest development in my life. I love this wonderful woman to delirious distraction. I believe in her and she believes in me.

She recently drove to a concert Park City, Utah all by her self. She did it in the rain, at night, with yammering kids.

So many things are just plain awesome. There has to be some way to list all the ways. I think the best one is the fact that she has chosen to make time for me and not relegate me second-class status where her kids are concerned.

She said something that was very awesome. She told me that she had red flags. Also, that I, without so much as talking to her, answered most of those red flags. There are a few left but those few are somewhat incidental to the gestalt.

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In but not settled Thursday, May 16 2013 

Ok. It’s almost 3AM and I am still missing my ties and some few other items.

I spoke with the Young Men’s President of the new ward and he requested some time. I was about to give up and eat and go to bed when he showed up.

About 30 minutes later, they drive off with my all my stuff packed up and about 5 minutes later the Elders quorum president from the old ward shows up and asks what needs to be done.

New Place Tuesday, May 14 2013 


Announcements, announcements, announcements…!!! Thursday, May 2 2013 

I received my Wood Badge Beads tonight. Sadly, we were missing just one person – my Troop Guide, Bruce Mayes. My Dad was there and so was Mom – yay!!! Linda Blau made the presentation and explanation of what Wood Badge is for and what the different items represent. She explained the Woggle, how it appears to be never-ending and represents the participants commitment to Scouting.

Holy time warp, some strange hero I’ve never heard of… Tuesday, Apr 23 2013 

Well, there are major things going on….
I have to move, I’m not an Assistant Scoutmaster, I’m about to get my Wood Badge beads…





A-campin’ we will go, a-campin’ we will go… Wednesday, Jan 23 2013 

Well another Klondike is looming. It will be at Trinity Pines in Cascade, ID. I bet we freeze our bums off again… however, it has already been as cold as it was there here in Boise recently.

Last February it was registering 1° F out of a station in Horseshoe Bend. Imma gonna get a real thermometer and wear it that weekend and get photos….

I just hope all are just simply ready to be cold. Speaking of the which, I need a LARGE tarp. Like a 10 x 10 to cover my summer tent. I used it in Bonneville Hot Springs. The latter tarp is sorely needed.

I thought I had a photo of my tent. Oops…


This photo is a result of taking a photo while exhaling in below freezing temperatures.

My Beautiful Sunday, Aug 19 2012 

My Beautiful

My beautiful, blushing, glowing flower,

O’er me thou hast e’er so much Power.


With thee, I declare, to be complete,

If thou wouldst, but nigh to me, place thy seat.


Gentle, radiant, and ebullient…

Thy flame of desire is most ardent.

Like a fire, leaping, growing, and consuming….


Consuming all that its path shall cross…

Love and fire, beings both e’er blooming.

Lifting for Life fulfilled or to a chilling Chaos.


My beautiful, blushing, glowing flower,

Thou me hast ensnared in thy power.


Most blissfully in your arms I would perish

If, I, thou wouldst simply cherish.


My beautiful, blushing, glowing flower,

O’er me thou hast e’er so much Power.

Christopher Lewis Crowley
October 02, 2006


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